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UK NFT Art: Unprecedented Levels of FUD Attacks Are Threatening the Future of NFTs



UK NFT Art: Unprecedented Levels of FUD Attacks Are Threatening the Future of NFTs

LONDON, Feb. 3, 2022 — NFT entrepreneur Doctor Troller is calling for an end to the current toxic climate of FUD attacks in the NFT marketplace.

UK NFT Art: Unprecedented Levels of FUD Attacks Are Threatening the Future of NFTs

The 35-year-old London based NFT artist has warned that the growing practice of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) posts on social media has reached such epidemic levels that it now threatens the whole future of NFTs.

Doctor Troller, real name Andrew Brown said: “In the past year there have been a growing number of influencers who are repeatedly putting out negative feedback about various NFT launches.

“Clearly in such a volatile and unpredictable marketplace speculation on the validity of new NFTs is bound to arise.

“But recently FUD rumours are starting to kill off promising NFTs even before they get started.”

He has been a victim of FUD attacks with his own launch of Crocs League NFT collectibles.

He said: “There is evidence in several cases that influencers are being paid by rival businesses to spread malicious rumours about new NFTs to destabilize their businesses as they prepare to launch. Several perfectly good NFTs have been shot down in this way in the past few months, and will probably never recover.

“They start with a rumour on social media platforms which are not based on any study and have no proof. As these rumours spread and are repeated across social media they gain traction, just by being widely spread and shared. Once they have reached critical mass they will often cause a huge sell-off of a particular NFT, whose price will then plummet.

This then falsely validates the rumour mill into thinking it had predicted a ‘rug pull’ or a ‘pump and dump’.”

Doctor Troller acknowledges there is a need for influencers to call out bad practice in the NFT market, but states that it must be done on the basis of evidence and thorough investigation not just unsubstantiated rumours.

He said: “It’s important that this marketplace is self-regulated that’s the whole point of decentralised markets but for that to happen effectively we must not descend into this sea of false FUD reports.

The best thing we can do to counter the false FUDs is to report and block influencers who abuse their position, and the boycott the companies that pay for false posts. We must grow stronger networks and communities of trust if the NFT marketplace is to prosper.”



Ponsse's new solutions for responsible forestry



VIEREMÄ, Finland, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ponsse launches excellent new products to improve productivity in sustainable harvesting. The new solutions have been developed together with customers, listening to their needs. The PONSSE Scorpion Giant harvester and the PONSSE Mammoth forwarder respond to the highest requirements of modern forestry both in terms of ergonomics and productivity.  

“These new products strengthen our position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of responsible harvesting solutions. The development of both new forest machines started from improved ergonomics, safety and usability, as well as better visibility from the cabin. We believe that we succeeded very well in this, and we are delighted to demonstrate these new products to our customers,” says Marko Mattila, Sales, Marketing and Service Director at Ponsse.

PONSSE Scorpion Giant – power in various conditions

The PONSSE Scorpion Giant is only a giant in terms of productivity and power. According to customer needs, the Scorpion Giant was developed to have more tractive effort, which helps the harvester to be agile even in challenging conditions, including snow, steep slopes and soft terrain. It is in a league of its own when it comes to crane lifting power, also when handling larger stems.  The new Scorpion Giant can be equipped with next generation PONSSE H8 harvester head. PONSSE H8 features powerful feed, a strong grip and a sturdy but agile frame.

Unique ergonomics

Cabin ergonomics and usability have been one of the leading themes in Ponsse’s research and development in recent years alongside the development of safety. The PONSSE Giant has a one-piece windscreen that extends to the roof of the cabin, offering even better visibility for the operator and ensuring safe working in all conditions. The cabin workspace is like a practical and quiet office with a view, developed to support the operator’s comfort and wellbeing. The Scorpion Giant also features the unique active levelling and stabilisation systems familiar from other Scorpion models. The Scorpion Giant is available with the highly advanced and modern Opti 5G system and the Opti 8 touchscreen computer.

PONSSE Mammoth forwarder – an unprecedented load-carrying capacity

The PONSSE Mammoth forwarder, powerful in terms of productivity, expands Ponsse’s forwarder range to the new category of 25-ton load-carrying capacity. Equipped with the stepless Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system and the PONSSE K121 loader, the Mammoth’s sturdy frame structures and super-strong hydraulics ensure that large stems and heavy loads can be transported effortlessly, even in the most challenging terrain.  In the PONSSE Mammoth forwarder, operator ergonomics has been addressed every step of the way. The new forwarder offers the highest productivity when driving distances are long. Less driving is required because more stems can be transported each time.

New features for improved productivity

One of the most prominent new features is the PONSSE Active Seat, developed according to forest machine operators’ requests. The new Active Seat improves usability, as it turns and follows the work environment according to crane movements, increasing the forest machine operator’s productivity.

The PONSSE Mammoth can be equipped with the PONSSE Active Cabin, an effective cabin suspension system with a simple structure. It helps forest machine operators keep going, even during longer shifts, by suspending any stress on the cabin. The Mammoth can be equipped with a long rear frame, which enables the transport of oversized stems.   

The new PONSSE Active Manual service offers helps and guidance through videos 

PONSSE Active Manual is an instruction and maintenance manual service with videos to support the daily work of forest machine operators. The visual PONSSE Active Manual is an owner’s manual service that runs on mobile devices and supplements the current Owner’s Manual by offering videos alongside the manual. PONSSE Active Manual is available on Apple and Android app stores.




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Taiwan's AcadeMab develops groundbreaking therapy for COVID-19 Omicron variant with potent neutralizing efficacy



TAIPEI, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwanese biotech outfit AcadeMab has broken new ground in the development of COVID immunotherapies through the development of a potentially life-saving monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19 patients using single B cell technology, shows the best neutralization ability (IC50 = 11.4 and 4.3 ng/ml) in both Omicron variants BA.1 and BA.2 respectively.

AcadeMab’s treatment specifically targets the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant – currently the most common strain of COVID infections around the world.

“In a world ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic with rapidly mutating variants emerging ever so often, it is a race for the scientific community to develop new therapies in a timely manner.”

“We are excited to announce that our research and development efforts have paid off at a fast pace with our single B cell technology that’s shown neutralizing efficacy against the world’s most common and deadly Omicron variant”, shared Juz-Hsiang Chiu, M.D., AcadeMab CEO.

Despite high vaccination rates worldwide, vaccines are only part of the system of treatments to deal with the scourge of COVID-19.

The Omicron variant has been proven to show remarkable resistance to most of the earlier immunotherapies developed, such as Bamlanivimab developed by Eli Lilly and antibody cocktail of Casirivimab and Imdevimab developed by Regeneron pharmaceuticals.

As a result, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked or limited the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) for most therapeutic antibodies.

Studies conducted by AcadeMab have found high efficacy of their human monoclonal antibodies against the Omicron variant within 4 months.

In one of their studies, it was found that one human antibody showed the best neutralization ability (IC50 = 11.4 and 4.3 ng/ml) in both Omicron variants BA.1 and BA.2 respectively.

“We’ve also seen broad-spectrum activity in our treatment against multiple circulating variants of concern (VOCs) announced by the World Health Organisation.”

“Aside from its neutralizing efficacy against Omicron, this means it shows great potential to be a therapy of choice for patients infected with other COVID-19 variants aside from Omicron”, said Pao-Yin Chiang, Ph.D., the lead scientist of single B cell platform at AcadeMab.

The development of AcadeMab’s cutting-edge technology using Single B cell technology will be of immense benefit to a segment of high-risk people who cannot benefit fully from mere vaccination alone.

They include those who are moderately to severely immunocompromised and lack adequate immunity responses despite COVID-19 vaccinations. It is estimated that about 2.7% of adults (or, 7 million) in the U.S population are immunocompromised.

This groundbreaking treatment will also be beneficial to those who have a documented history of severe adverse reactions to existing COVID-19 vaccines or their components, and as such, are unable to be vaccinated.

Parties interested in establishing partnership and learning more about AcadeMab’s research may contact:

PR NAME: Miles Yeh, Ph.D., Director of Product Development

CONTACT NUMBER: +886-2789-1212 ext. 810


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Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation Partners with First Development Agent in the Brand's Ambitious Expansion Initiative



SAN ANTONIO, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation announced a new partnership with Development Agent, Jaine Cantu. This partnership will contribute to the enterprising expansion initiative that Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation is undertaking in 2022. Specifically, Ms. Cantu will focus on growing the number of salons in the San Antonio and Austin, Texas DMAs.

“Fantastic Sams is looking forward and excited to embark on this new venture with Jaine Cantu.  Jaine brings an entrepreneurial spirit, strong relationships and a vast network in the San Antonio area,” says Tom Boitz, CEO at Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation. “We are confident that along with the partnership of Jessica Trahan, Central South Region Director and the entire Fantastic Sams Corporate team, Jaine will build a powerhouse brand.”

Currently a salon owner of 14 Fantastic Sams locations in San Antonio, TX, Ms. Cantu possesses 7 years of experience operating successful salons and has developed an in-depth understanding of the business, which will be the foundation for her success in the marketplace.  Brand expansion in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas will help bring a quality salon experience to more people in this market.

“Joining Fantastic Sams has opened a Fantastic opportunity for us to positively impact hair artists, our clients & our local communities.  Being owned by small & local Entrepreneurs allows us to provide a caring and involved hair experience. I pride myself in making a difference in the hair industry and helping artists follow their dreams,” says Jaine Cantu, newly appointed Development Agent for Fantastic Sams.


Fantastic Sams was founded in 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee. It was the first nationally franchised unisex salon chain in the US and pioneered the concept of a no-appointment, walk-in salon. With over 700 salons across the US and Canada, it’s one of the largest salon chains in North America.

Whether you’re visiting for a haircut or hair color, Fantastic Sams offers a high-quality salon experience which is accessible to everyone.  Website:

For franchise opportunities, please contact Marianne Angell at


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